I’m grateful you’ve clicked here to take a look at a couple of books I have written. In The Filling, I have outlined what Ephesians teaches us about the Holy Spirit’s powerful role in our spiritual growth. In Pray Like This, I unfold what Jesus’ model prayer and perfect prayer life offer to us in shaping our prayers to God.

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May you be blessed as you read these!

The Filling

“A significant amount of mystery surrounds who the Holy Spirit is and what He does. But—and this is tremendously important—His elusiveness and mystery should not keep us from investigating what the Scriptures do tell us about Him. And when the text does ground the Holy Spirit’s work in concrete actions and descriptions like we find in Ephesians, we should mine those accounts for every single gem hidden there. We may not be able to learn everything about Him, but we can uncover enough of His identity, character, and work to keep us busy for a lifetime. And He may even breath upon us, as a gentle wind, when we aren’t even expecting it” (The Filling, p. 8-9). The Holy Spirit is God’s Change-Agent to help you look more like Jesus and live a holy life. In The Filling, Dr. Hefner will help unpack the book of Ephesians through the lens of the Holy Spirit to show you just how much He offers to your Christian life.


Pray Like This

The habits and words of Jesus’ own prayer life have so much to teach us on prayer. Not only did Jesus teach us what to pray in the Model Prayer, but the rest of Jesus' prayer life displays for us how He wants us to pray. As I began using the Model Prayer to prompt my own time in prayer, I found myself challenged, even changed, as daily prayers, impromptu praying, and Scripture meditation became molded by this “Prayer of Prayers.” As we journey through these pages together, why don’t you begin by simply prayerfully asking, “Jesus, will you teach me to pray?” And let me assure you, He will.


The Filling (Kindle Edition)

Pray Like This (Kindle Edition)